Melissa, participant in HWS Healthcare Supervisory Certification Program, and current scheduling specialist at Heart and Vascular Specialists:

"My name is Melissa...First, let me start off by saying thank you for the opportunity to be part of this class. Four weeks ago, my perception of management was somewhat skewed due to my lack of understanding how they fit into a larger picture. In four weeks and under Alisha's instruction I am starting to comprehend the various challenges they face on a daily basis and simply astonished. I am a hard worker and truly care about our patients along with the business. Before this class I was part of a process and today would like to implement a process. I know eight weeks is simply not enough time to learn every concept nor does it replace experience in a given role. What it does create is an engaged employee that is starting to see a much larger picture and will continue to pursue other courses in leadership. In the four weeks we have been given an overview of employment law, communication, how to approach different generations and the delegation process."

Christi, participant in HWS Healthcare Supervisory Certification Program:

"I would like to thank everyone who worked to make this course possible and I am honored to be a part of it. I have tremendously enjoyed taking this class and learning to be the best person I can be within an organization. Alisha is a fantastic facilitator. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her desire to see others succeed is a breath of fresh air. The content of this course quite relevant to any job, and is not limited strictly to healthcare. Each of us has the opportunity to learn valuable communication, social, and interpersonal skills that will take us far, not only in our professional careers, but in our everyday lives as well. The content of the structural design is engaging and easy to follow. Because our group is so diverse, each of us offers insight into the many facets of healthcare including but not limited to nursing, billing housekeeping, information technology, and patient financials."

"Some of the content we have explored in this class includes personality types, communication styles, employment law and learning to delegate workloads to help ourselves and our organizations become more productive. Having an opportunity to discuss traits we believe to be indicative of a strong leader and those that are not, allows us to learn from the experience of others and become better individuals as we prepare to potentially take on new roles. I have also enjoyed finding some within my own organization to mentor me throughout this class. I believe learning from someone who I respect, allows us to find a newfound admiration for one another on a multitude of levels. I look forward to continuing on this new and exciting journey and hope others will have the same opportunity to grow and develop as we have."

Dislocated Worker Program Participant Beth:

Beth was employed as a property manager for many years when she found herself laid-off. She looked for several months for another job in the same field, but was unsuccessful. She decided it was time to train for her dream job, nursing, and began HWS Intensive Services Program in December of that year. In February, she started her first classes through Metro with the help of Workforce Investment Act dollars and financial aid. In under a year, she was able to complete her certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse. HWS programming assisted Beth with updating her resume and cover letter. Through the Restart Program, Beth was introduced to employers in the area that were hiring. In June, Beth was hired as a full-time LPN at a local care center. Her boards were not scheduled until the end of June but everyone had faith that she would pass with flying colors. On July 2, Beth received word that she had passed her State Board exam. Her first day of work was July 5th. Beth is making $17.20 an hour during her training period. She will receive a $0.70 shift bonus when she moves to an evening shift, and by October she will be making $20.15 an hour. Beth is currently studying for her Associate's Degree in Nursing through Metro Community College while continuing to work full-time. The following is from Beth’s survey: “If it were not for Holly helping me with my resume and Regina promoting me and my abilities to the nursing home, I would still be seeking employment! And all the while, there you were, literally cheering me on from your cubicles, as I was offered a job. And offering assistance for anything you could, including emotional support, cheer-leading and positive reinforcement. I could not be happier. So many of my class mates are not getting call backs on applications they have submitted for jobs, and I was lucky enough to have a job lined up BEFORE I was able to schedule my state board exams. I know it’s because of all your hard work and efforts, I hope I continue to excel in life and go up from here! You deserve some recognition!! I look forward to being in the program for the next year, as I achieve the next phase of my goals.”

Deb Christensen, Business Service Representative for the Nebraska Department of Labor:

Christensen recently met with the owner of an auto repair company in desperate need of skilled employees. She went over the NEworks site information with him, then showed him how to put in a job order and look for candidates. Together they put in two job orders and began a search. When they were unable to find any candidates in the data base under those titles, Deb suggested looking at O-net Online to see if there were other job titles similar or additional for those occupations. They found four other acceptable titles. When they began another round of searching, they found 50 candidates for one title, and 25 for another. The employer was thrilled to discover so many possibilities who could meet his educational and certification criteria. All told, they spent 1 ½ hours working with together, well worth the time and effort to be able to meet those hiring needs. As a result, he asked Deb to speak to his Employer Networking group about the breadth of NDOL services.