To promote and develop a workforce system that is responsive to the needs of business and career seekers resulting in economic prosperity.


HWS, with our partners, will lead, through alignment and coordination, collectively impacting economic and workforce development.


-Focus on service excellence, emphasizing a welcoming environment, treating all customers with dignity, respect, and compassion.

-Promote a synergistic atmosphere, where we concentrate on connections, partnerships, teamwork, and the community.

-Foster a team environment where innovation is critical. We will provide guidance, encouraging creativity, developing best practice models relevant locally, regionally, and nationally.

From the office of the president to non-profit advocacy groups at the state and local levels, the goal is the sameā€”to connect employers and employees and get America working. Heartland Workforce Solutions shares that goal and partners with organizations that are laboring to keep the economy of Douglas, Sarpy and Washington counties, as well as the state, strong and viable.

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Heartland Workforce Solutions

Finding a job in the 21st Century has become a complicated process. In almost all cases, computer skills are necessary in order to explore the opportunities that exist, and job applications are now uniformly submitted online. But not all workers own computers, or are familiar with the technology.

Heartland Workforce Solutions is a non-profit organization made up of agencies from both the private and public sectors, dedicated to expanding employment opportunities for job seekers and employers in Douglas, Washington and Sarpy counties. The organization focuses not only on the individual worker but also the employer, striving to make the process of connecting one to the other not only more efficient, but more accessible and user-friendly.

The goal of the organization is to help job seekers get prepared for employment, and to help businesses find qualified candidates. To that end, one-stop career hubs, Workforce Solutions Centers, have been created to foster support, assistance, training and educational opportunities for job seekers and businesses.

No matter where the search for employment or employees begins, the partner services will be able to direct applicants to the personnel or program that address specific needs. Heartland Workforce Solutions offers programs that serve a wide range of ages, experience, skill sets, economic and educational levels.

There are also local, state and national programs that benefit businesses in terms of training employees, pre-qualification of potential candidates, business incentive programs and more.


The issue of connectivity is often the barrier that separates companies from a qualified workforce.

Early in 2006, a group of representatives from area businesses and non-profit service agencies began meeting to discuss what could be done to remove roadblocks to obtaining employment and/or finding employees. Their mission was to evaluate best practices, identify opportunities and create a system that would match employers with qualified candidates. The result of those investigative meetings and discussions was the formation of Heartland Workforce Solutions, Inc., formally announced by a mayoral task force in 2010.

Dedicated to driving economic growth and stability in the region, the organization helps to:

- Ensure that job candidates possess a literacy level and the basic math skills necessary for gainful employment.

- Prepare workers with essential employability skills to be hired, retained and ultimately be successful.

- Support individuals as they pursue their career paths through assessments, coaching, training, and attaining educational and employment credentials.

- Support area businesses by helping to identify, hire and retain qualified workers.

The businesses, workforce partners, and educational institutions associated with Heartland Workforce Solutions collaborate to make certain that a pipeline is available to fill positions specific to targeted industries. Through the comprehensive career center and work with the community, Heartland Workforce Solutions, Inc. (HWS) strives to be a partner in the success of businesses and job seekers alike.

Heartland Workforce Solutions makes a difference in the community by developing qualified employees for hire, strengthening the workforce and allowing area businesses to remain strong in a competitive marketplace. As the number of skilled workers grows, outside companies will be attracted to the region, resulting in a thriving economy for Douglas, Sarpy and Washington counties.