Our mission: To promote and develop a workforce system that is responsive to the needs of business and career seekers resulting in economic prosperity.

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The agencies, representatives and resources that make up Heartland Workforce Solutions are here to help.

Maybe you’re in search of your first job or one that matches your degree and experience level. Maybe you could get the position you want with some specialized training, certification or more educational opportunities.

Perhaps computer skills, resume and cover letter writing will make a difference. Or, you need temporary assistance to tide you over until your regular paychecks begin.

We invite you to visit Heartland Workforce Solutions. Our representatives can direct you to the personnel, programs or services that will work best for you.


Our goal is to help you connect the right people to the right jobs.

Businesses today are confronted with multiple market challenges. Finding a qualified workforce is just one. Our goal is to streamline the process of getting you connected to the right people for the right job.

When you work with Heartland Workforce Solutions, our career specialists ask questions and gather the right information to help us ascertain how we can best serve your company or organization. Heartland Workforce Solutions can assist you with many of your employment initiatives.

To get started, call 402-444-4700 and ask to be connected to a Business Services Consultant.


Heartland Workforce Solutions offers services that address educational and employment goals.

Community partners at Heartland Workforce Solutions help match you with meaningful job opportunities by offering services that address educational and employment goals.

In other words, we help you develop the tools and skills you need in order to find a job and keep that job.

There are a number of community and government services available at Heartland Workforce Solutions that can help you reach those goals.


Our mission: To promote and develop a workforce system that is responsive to the needs of business and career seekers, resulting in economic prosperity.


-Focus on service excellence, emphasizing a welcoming environment, treating all customers with dignity, respect, and compassion.

-Promote a synergistic atmosphere, where we concentrate on connections, partnerships, teamwork, and the community.

-Foster a team environment where innovation is critical. We will provide guidance, encouraging creativity, developing best practice models relevant locally, regionally, and nationally.