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How do you define your ‘dream’ job? How much do you know about that job? What will you need in the way of preparation, skills or education to become a successful candidate?

There are tools available to help you determine if the career you think you want is actually the one that will bring you the most satisfaction.

Visit the NEworks website to find resources and self-paced assessments that will help you define your career path.

Career services available:

Career Tips
View a guide to the steps you should take to follow the path of selecting the ideal career or occupation.

Career Explorer
If you do not have a specific career in mind, select this option to learn what career or type of job best suits you as well as areas for which you might want to receive more training and education.

Career Informer
If you have a career in mind, select this option to highlight a specific occupation and display information on wages, employers and jobs that are available as well as the details of available education and training, the job requirements and the nature of the work involved.

Job Market Explorer
Choose a career or occupation by analyzing the current labor market trends where you want to work, including wages, employment projections and educational requirements

Another great option is O-Net
O-Net allows you to explore all kinds of careers in an easy to use easily navigated format. You’ll get detailed description of the world of work if you:
• Use ADVANCED SEARCH for occupations that use a specific tool or software
• Access a wealth of job information data in CROSSWALK


Once you’ve determined the career you’d like to pursue, go to Career Coach and Resume Builder (www.unomaha.edu/careercoach/) Take a look at the video tutorial that appears after you hit the START button. It will show exactly how to navigate and make full use of this website. You’ll find invaluable information and data regarding specific professions, related occupations, what they pay on average and what jobs are available locally. Job listings are updated daily. You can also get help creating and posting a resume.

If you prefer to work with someone in person contact:

Heartland Workforce Solutions
5752 Ames Avenue
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