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Dislocated Services

What is a Dislocated Worker (Dislocation-Separated from Employment)

You may be considered a dislocated worker if any of the following situations apply to you:

 - You have been terminated or laid off due to a permanent plant closure, a mass layoff within the company, or your position has been eliminated and you will be unable to return to work in that industry or occupation.

 - You are self-employed, but the economy or a natural disaster has put you out of work or is causing your business to fail.

 - You are a displaced homemaker/caregiver who has been staying home to care for family members and you’ve lost your primary means of support.

 How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance

You can file a claim for unemployment benefits online through a link available on the NEworks website or click here to go directly the "
Unemployment Services and Benefits" page.

If you don’t have a computer, you can visit our Workforce Solutions Center where there are computers available and staff to help you.
Click here for the Workforce Solutions Center location and contact information.

Not all dislocated workers are eligible to receive unemployment benefits, if you have questions regarding your eligibility or you are unable to file your claim using the online system please call the Nebraska Claims Center at (402) 458-2500.

Services and Programs Available

If you qualify, there are a wide variety of services to assist you in obtaining new career skills—the kinds of skills that will help you find self-sustaining employment. It requires a commitment of your time and dedication, but the services offered are extremely beneficial:

 - Personalized attention with a Career Specialist

 - Career assessment and exploration

 - Services to address work readiness skills

 - On-the-job training

 - Job-search assistance

 - Supportive services that address employment barriers

 - Employment retention support

 - Training in English as a second language

 - Basic literacy skills

 Education and Training
Some dislocated workers may qualify for assistance with tuition and supplies for post-secondary education and/or training for a new job or career.  For more information on educational support and service please call (402) 934-2231.